'Desperate Housewives' Desperate Finale

'Desperate Housewives' Desperate Finale - desperate housewives, desperate housewives season 8, desperate housewives season finale, desperate housewives episode guide, desperate housewives spoilers .The ABC hit series Desperate Housewives has finally come to an end, and not without an appropriate dose of drama to close the show.

The two-hour series finale gave fans lots of exciting moments, including an arrest, a death, a wedding and a birth. It even featured a cameo from the series' creator, Marc Cherry, as a mover.

The finale's first hour focused on Bree's murder trial, which showed Marcia Cross' character being led away to the death chamber in the proverbial orange prison jumpsuit. I cried. Not. Many were glad to see the evil witch get her day in court, so to speak, and were pleased with the verdict.

The second hour of the finale featured a wedding, a birth, and a death, which wasn't at all surprising for those who have been following the show. Some might even call it a tad anti-climactic, but necessary to wrap up the drawn out storyline we've had to suffer through all season.

The Desperate Housewives finale was full of over-the-top theatrics, like Bree making out with her lawyer, played by Scott Bacula, causing her to confess the truth about the murder in a moment of passion. It also featured snippy little comments, like Gaby, Eva Longoria's character, saying, "It's my turn to take care of Mrs. McCluskey, so of course I've been drinking." I guess you had to be there.

The series finale was not without some inside jokes, like Carlos, played by Ricardo Chavira, hiring a new female gardener. This goes back to reference the first season, when Gaby took advantage of a sexy lawn boy to have a fling with while Carlos was in jail. Guess it's Carlos' turn to fool around now.

Will you miss the women from Wisteria Lane?

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