Minggu, 20 Mei 2012

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NMB48 4th Single [Nagiichi] 1st Week Sales

NMB48 4th Single [Nagiichi] 1st Week Sales - NMB48's 4th single [Nagiichi], released on May 9th, finished its first week on rank 2 in the Oricon charts with sales of 375,785 copies. First place was taken by Arashi who sold 526,106 copies of [Face Down].

The single had a rather reluctant start with sales numbers clearly behind [Junjou U-19]'s First Day sales, but sales picked up and on May 12th the single ranked first in the daily charts with 91,990 copies sold that day.

Even though it is the first time that an NMB48 single did not reach weekly #1, [Nagiichi] is still a success. First week sales surpassed those of [Junjou U-19] (329,438 copies) by about 45 k.

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